Friday, September 26, 2014


I'm back, and it feels so good to be home. Oh, there is so much to write about concerning the last month of travel and adventures, but for now: Happy Friday. The first week of autumn here in Portland actually feels like autumn! The weather, for once, makes sense. I'm still doing laundry and am totally sick of wearing the same clothes for 4 weeks. So, I broke out the Nordstrom pants I got a couple months back and these new, funky (for me) shoes from Urban Outfitters (Dolce Vita brand). Even though I'm a summer gal, I feel like autumn is so much more of a fashion season. Fashion week, the layers, the colors, the accessories. People tend to whip out their best looks from their closets. 

It's been a week since returning to the states, and I haven't even looked at my pictures from Europe. I have somewhere around 5,000 to go through. So bare with me, I'll get around to it. I still have last year's Paris to finish up. And school starts Monday. It's my last term at Clack. Comm. College, before I transfer to University of Portland in Jan. It will be bitter sweet, but I'm so excited for this year. I'm totally ready for anything life throws at me or where I end up. 

One more thing... I'm obsessed. Just a little bit (no, a lot actually) with this girl's voice. I've been listening to her album for 4 days straight now. Doesn't everyone do that with new music? I'll probably get sick of it soon, especially since I'm sure she's going to be big on the radio any day now (if not already, I haven't actually listened to radio in 2 months). Anywho, if you're into "crafty, sultry, moody R&B" (as classified by Spotify), then take a listen.

My favorites:

(but really, all her songs are good)

There's an update on life. Enjoy the weekend, I know I will.