Thursday, August 14, 2014

Staying in Brussels

An experience I'll never forget is the apartment we stayed at in Belgium. We arrived late at night on the train from London and then met our hosts. Two handsome French gay men, Hugo and Ramon (say their names in a French accent; it's more fun), greeted us. Ramon is an interior designer, artist, and bug collector (as you will see) who is studying architecture in Brussels, and Hugo works at the bank. They were super friendly and helpful even though it was difficult to communicate because they barely spoke English, and we didn't speak French. They would talk amongst themselves trying to figure out what we were asking them, and that is when I wished I spoke French fluently. It's a beautiful language, and I wanted to just pop into the conversation. They'd be fun to talk to, sadly, that didn't happen. One day I'll learn French, at least enough to converse. 

We found the place on airbnb. David picked it out, and his parents and I didn't know anything about it. At first glance I was terrified and had that "I just want to go home" feeling, but after getting used to it, it turned out to be pretty cool. Much better than a bland apartment. It was like staying in a museum; there was always something to look at. The pictures below won't even do the job of explaining the place. In any direction you look, every color imaginable and the most random of things could be found. It would be a fantastic place to play I Spy. Despite all the religious images and symbols, Hugo and Ramon are actually atheist. They somehow understood me when I asked them if they were religious. There were some vulgar images and figurines so please excuse and nudity or offensive symbols below. The stay will always be remembered, and overall it was beautiful — in a cluttered, quirky sort of way. 

The bedroom:

The living room:

The kitchen:

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to you — the people who actually read my rambling and look at my amateur photography. I do this for my own memory. This is like my online diary, and I'm still surprised that people go on here. So thanks. And if you have any questions for me write a comment or shoot me an email. // Before I write about Paris, I'll post about my skydiving experience. So check back in a few days. 

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