Sunday, July 27, 2014

London, England {Part 3}

Day 5 - 09.08.13
The Original Bus Tour was the next thing on our agenda. Not worth £24. You listen to headphones that barely work and skip around here and there. It's a pretty drive around, but would be much better with an actual person giving the tour. What I would pay money for again is the Thames River boat tour that was included with the ticket. The live tour guide was hilarious and you get a different perspective of the city.

We got our first glimpse of rain that day, forcing me to buy an umbrella that saved me the rest of the trip! We had lunch - sandwiches and coffee - at Fernandez & Wells, a cute cafe that reminded of Portland.

Fun fact: The Big Ben is actually named The Elizabeth Tower. "Big Ben" is the name of the bell inside.

By far, my favorite moment of this trip was Westminster Abbey (Founded in 960!). We made it to a Sunday Evensong service after lunch. It's hard for me to describe my experience because it was so emotional. Walking into the building brought me chills and tears. I was in complete amazement of the sight and history of it.  I was just so thankful and blessed to be standing there. I thought about how many influential people have walked through the church (Isaac Newton was buried there amongst many others), and I felt so small and humbled.  I ended up crying through the whole service - just overwhelmed by the experience. Everything clicked into place after that. I realized how much there is to see in the world, and places like London and Paris weren't just points on a map. They are really there, only a 10 hour flight away. I may sound a little naive or ridiculous (sorry about that), but honestly, before that moment it never really occurred to me how much is out there. I'm young and who knows what God has in store for me, but my eyes and heart have been opened up to traveling and there is no quenching that thirst.

"Travel...the best way to be lost and found all at the same time." 
- Brenna Smith 


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