Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dublin, Ireland

I realized that my computer holds several folders of photographs from the different trips I've taken in the last year. Europe in September, road trip in January, and just recently spring break in Cabo San Lucas. And I have also avoided blogging. I avoided looking at blogs all together because I felt guilty about abandoning mine. The excuse of, "I'm too busy because of school" is lame but true! Well finally, I've begun sorting through my Europe trip photographs by creating a Shutterfly book, I can't wait to have everything organized and in one place. I felt it would be an appropriate time to blog once again. & why not start with the best two weeks of my life (thus far)

It was a spontaneous last-minute booking. Family friends had an extra spot and invited me to go with them to Europe. I had never traveled across the Atlantic before, so I couldn't pass up on the opportunity especially since it was the only vacation I would have because of my busy schedule. The trip consisted of four countries: Ireland, England, Belgium, and France. We stayed the longest in London & Paris so stay tuned for extra posts. But first: gorgeous, green Ireland.. 

Day 1 - 09.04.13
The bed-n-breakfast we stayed in was adorable (pictured below). The Aishling House was our home for two nights in Ireland. We had breakfast there both mornings that was prepared by the husband and wife who owned the b&b. I will always remember the home-made applesauce was one of the yummiest things I've ever tasted (secret ingredient: 7-up!) I'm still determined to make it myself one day.. 

After our arrival the first day, we decided to explore around the neighborhood we were staying in: Clantorf, which is about a 10 minute bus ride from Dublin. I fell in love immediately; it was the cutest thing. Each home had its own personality with the lawn decor and bright colored doors. It was a clean and well taken care of town. It was added to my list of "I'd love to live here" places. 

Day 2 - 09.05.13
We took a bus to the main city (the bus driver didn't even ask for a fare & let us ride for free) & went exploring. We started at Trinity College. David fit right in as a college student with his backpack (pictured below).

Recommended by a grocery store employee (who was the nicest lady I've ever met), Tayto chips are known in Ireland. They are pretty tasty actually, and are texturely different than the potato chips here in America. 

The little family pictured below at St. Stephen's Green are the people I traveled with: Tanya, Nick, & their son David. They are incredible people, and I couldn't be more thankful that they chose me to join them on their adventure.

Found this random little house in St. Stephen's Green, a gorgeous park in Dublin. We picnicked & did some people watching there.

We visited St. Patrick's Cathedral. My first cathedral & a good one too. We walked around, took some photos, and got to step into Irish history. 

We took a tour of Dublin Castle & got to know so much about Irish history that I had no previous knowledge of. It was fascinating. It was more of a palace than an old medieval castle, but that is because it was under British rule for most of the time. Pictured below is the statue of Lady Justice. Interestingly enough, she is breaking some of the characteristics that this statue is supposed to uphold. Look it up, it's worth the history lesson (:

We dined at Leo Burdock's & had traditional fish & chips. Yum!

My first ever Choral Evensong was at Christ Church Cathedral. It was an interesting experience, and I enjoyed it because it was like going back in time and participating in the culture & history. 
Fun fact, out of the 5 choirs I had the opportunity to listen to on my Europe trip, this was the only church that let females sing. All the others had little boys sing the soprano and alto notes. 

Dublin was a great start to the trip. It was a beautiful city & it made me fall in love, or at least begin to fall in love, with Europe. I cannot wait to return one day and explore even more of Ireland. 

& the grass is really greener there. 

"Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."
Ibn Battuta 


Erika said...

Looks amazing!

ensembledeux said...

Ireland is beautiful! :)

Leah said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed Ireland. Some of my best friends live in Dublin. And yes, Tayto's are pretty much a national treasure! I need to do a post of some of the things I miss most about Ireland. Thanks for commenting and for posting your pics!