Wednesday, June 5, 2013

F is for {Floral}

Yesterday, we had a tea party in my sister's backyard. And what a marvelous time it was. The evening was filled with picture-taking, video-making, music, dancing, and of course tea-drinking. The warm weather has returned to Portland, hopefully for a while now, and spending a spring-almost-summer evening outside couldn't have been more perfect. 

 Spring term is almost over, I've just got some finals to get through. I can't wait to cross off some things on my to-do list this summer. I'd like to do some more research about different universities and careers in order to get a better focus on what I want to do when I "grow up". Especially now, I keep getting asked, "What's your major?" or "What are you going for?" My answer: "Business, I guess." I know I have time to figure it out, but the sooner, the better. Besides school stuff, I want to enjoy my leisure time as well. I won't be completely free because I'm still taking three online classes, but that shouldn't be too rough. I miss reading books, normal books. Not textbooks! So I cannot wait to finally start going through my unread bookshelf. And to my poor, unused camera that's been gathering dust, I will pick you up again, I will! That's what's on my mind on this sunny Wednesday. Be blessed friends ♡.

I'm loving the Juicy Couture bag I recently purchased, the pretty lilac-y color goes great with a lot of looks especially for spring/summer. And that denim vest used to be a jacket, I cut the sleeves off because I just couldn't find the right jean vest for summer last year, so I made my own.


Leah said...

Ooooh! That tea party just looks like so much fun! It's so pleasing to the eye all set up on the table like that! Perfect for summer!

Kassandra Poleshuk said...

You are just too cute! love the outfit Glo <3

Pearl said...

we need a date soon!!
Love you!


pretty look,love florals )