Saturday, October 13, 2012

Florida {Summer Adventures}

I started off my summer in Florida with my best friend visiting her sister. The week I spent there was wonderful. Tasha made sure to keep us entertained. We did some shopping in the huge mall, went paddleboating, & celebrated Inna's birthday by going to Disney World (where else?). The rain has started back up again in Oregon. So let's just say I'm missing the Florida sunshine. Here's some pictures from a day we spent strolling the streets:
(dress: Urban Outfitters, purse: PourLaVictoire, headband: American Apparel, ring: Claires, bracelet: forgot, sunglasses: borrowed)


I'll continue posting pictures from my {summer adventures} including a birthday photoshoot my sister & I did. So stay tuned 


chocolatefashioncoffee said...

love the black dress!

binti said...

wow nice dress.

binti said...

nice dress.