Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{Color Splash}

tank - forever 21; cardigan - hy + dot (canadian); skirt - lapis; shoes - MIA; purse - marzia;
watch - sprout; bracelets - american eagle/banana republic; headband - bumble alley;

Hey lovelies(:
Just pops of color during this summer season. I'm really lovin' this high-waisted skirt. One of my favorites!
The watch is eco-friendly: bio-degradable... meaning, if I dropped it in the dirt and forgot about it, after 2 years it would decompose into the ground. (what it says on the box) Haha (: It's a cheaper version of a Marc Jacobs and still looks cute and still good quality! Also check out the link to Bumble Alley ^^. There are more pictures of her fabulous items on the Facebook page. She makes the most amazing head bands! Lovee <3 I got mine for Christmas.
Happy Wednesday to all!
Hope you all are having a good week.


Leah Herrick said...

You and you're sister have the coolest sense of style!

Sandra said...

The watch looks amazing! I've been searching for a similar one. And make sure you don't drop it in the dirt, haha! :D

mrsandrealorenz said...

You are simply ADORABLE!!! My best friend wore those MIA mary-janes on her wedding day! So cool. SHe got the inspiration from

Sandra said...

Thanks for the watch info, too bad we don't have Nordstrom in my country. :(

VIVIENNE said...

cool skirt!!! x

diana kang said...

what a pretty print! xx

Michelle's Style File said...

Gorgeous skirt and shoes! Love that first pic!!


ChiccaStyle said...

I am totally in love with the entire outfit!!!Especially the shoes, so stylish!

Notes She Wrote said...

cute cute :) I love everything about this outfit!! Especially those shoes and that dress!

Notes She Wrote

Cecylia said...

the green shoes are amazing!!! You look divine, your dress is gorgeous too!
Come follow my blog hun!

Alyssa said...

Your shoes are adorable! The color is highly pigmented and pretty! You look so cute in your outfit! Love the pictures!

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