Sunday, June 19, 2011


Its not coffee this time.
I had quite a Sunday.
After jamming my pinkie toe into the table and bleeding all over the place, gross I know.
No worries, no visuals of that (:
I wasn't able to go to church because I couldn't put on any shoes :/
And then my nephew having a high fever and needing to run to the store...
I was at New Seasons and was craving something sweet,
freshly baked cupcakes perhaps?
So when I got home I poured myself a cup of jasmine green tea,
and enjoyed it with my scrumptious red velvet w/ cream cheese frosting cupcake.

Got to have the honey (;
 This I saved for later...Couldn't eat the whole thing!

Hope you had a relaxing Sunday (:

P.S. Aren't the cups cute? My mama sees anything with bees on it and gets it.
We have bee stuff all over the house.


The Bookness said...

This looks delicious. Makes we crave for cupcakes.


Pia said...

The cupcakes looks so delicious!! I wish I had one right now.
I hope the tea and cupcake made your Sunday a little better. :)

Kassandra said...

Hi!! mmmm...delicious!
Your blog is just amazing! I am now following!!! Follow me?

Harley said...

I love trader joes!

Aquí said...

cupcake looks so delicious! Wonderful sunday photos!