Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bee Happy

Hey lovelies.
It's been awhile,
I guess I'm just one busy bee.

I took these less than an hour ago.
My dad's a beekeeper & there are tons of bee hives outside of my house.
They are loving the blossoming apple orchard also in our backyard.
Yeah, I'm brave enough to go outside when thousands of these little workers are flying around (;
Hope y'all like it &
Happy Saturday!


joana said...

UAU super fabulous!

Charlotte Sparkle said...

Great photos.

Charlotte Sparkle said...

BTW love the Edward Sharpe track which plays on your blog, makes me feel happy!

Roxy Heart said...

These photos are stunning!

Aquí said...

beautiful photos! I'm allergic to bees so I think you're extremely brave for snapping these shots!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous pictures!

romwe said...

The nature is full of vigour,love the beautiful flowers and the bees.They are so attrctive~~~