Thursday, April 14, 2011

Long Exposure: Water

To my 51 followers and readers,
yes that's a big number for me! (:
Thanks for being patient with my delayed posting.
It was/is a busy week & weekend, so I could barely catch the time to blog.
I need to get back into this. Missed it reading comments and finding new blogs!
Here's just a little something:

I took these over the weekend for a photography project.
Our assignment:
To take a long exposure photograph.
Long exposure just means that the shutter in the camera is opened for a longer period of time so more light gets in. This prolonged capture takes in the movement of water and blurs it creating the above effects.
The shutter speed should be below 1/15 of a second. For example: I took one of these photos for 13 secondss. (Tripod must be used!)
For those of you who dont understand photography talk, dont mind it.
Just throwing out there what I learn (:
It's actually pretty neat to learn about it & it was fun to take these pictures.
A little simple creek/stream by my house turned out to be so pretty.

P.S. Man I've been so busy this week I forgot to put my little GloriaZaytsevPhotography logo on the pictures.
Oh Well! (:


Anonymous said...

This is my first visit &I've fallen in love with this place. Thank you for sharing such lovely photos!

mrsandrealorenz said...

The water in the last photo looks crazy! Doing a long exposure with running water was a great idea.