Monday, March 28, 2011

Beauty Tips

So now I'm a major stumbler (look at previous post for more understanding).
And I stumbled across this from Elle.
Some beauty secrets revealed by using ordinary household items/something every girl has.
Can't wait to see if it really works!

Repurpose spare buttons by using them to keep pairs of earrings together: Most buttons have at least two holes in them, so simply place an earring in each opening to neatly store when not wearing. Photo: Jupiter Images

                           (I have an earring hanger thingy, but I loved the idea! Creative.)

Eyebrow Brush
Stuck without a lint-remover? Use this handy makeup tool to remove unwanted fuzz from your shirt. Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

(Never would have thought of that, now I know!)

Dryer Sheets
No time for a shampoo? Rub a dryer sheet on your hair to tame flyaways and make your hair smell shower fresh. Photo: Courtesy of

Unused Stockings Create a chic shrug by taking a pair of tights or stockings and cutting off the feet (or use a pair of footless tights to save a step). Place arms where legs would normally go and—voila!—you’ve created a sleek spring alternative to a shawl or cardigan. Take it a step further by cutting slashes into the fabric, à la Monique Lhuillier’s ballerina-inspired fall 2009 collection. Photo: Imaxtree

(Love, love, loveee this idea! Doesn't look like stockings at all, but some really awesome shirt things.
Favorite one!)

Strengthen hair by creating an egg yolk-and-olive oil hair mask. The protein in the egg yolk will toughen up tresses, while the olive oil will act as a conditioning agent. Photo: Jupiter Images

                                                                       (I wanna try this!)


If your skin is sensitive and blotchy, apply a couple tablespoons of honey to your face and leave on for five to 10 minutes. The honey will moisturize, soothe, and help kill blemish-causing bacteria. Photo: Jupiter Images

( I have plenty of this, that's for sure! Since my daddy's a beekeeper & we got our own business: Bee Way Honey Pollination Inc. )

Flat Iron
A hair straightener works great for ironing between buttons on your shirt, where a regular iron doesn’t fit. You can also use it for minor wrinkles on your blouse when you’re in a hurry. Photo: Courtesy of ghd

                           (Neat huh? Would have never even thought about it!)


Considered a natural bleach and powerful cleanser, vinegar (just a dab) can reduce the blueness of bruise. This kitchen staple can also be used in your bubble bath to help prevent yeast infections. Tip: Try apple-cider vinegar for a less pungent smell. Photo: Jupiter Images

(My sister's friend moved into an apartment, & it had a certain smell to it. So she scrubbed everything down with vinegar & it actually helped. It's strong though!)


Detangle a knot in seconds: Rub cornstarch into stubborn knots on shoelaces, string, chain necklaces for greater grip and control. Photo: Courtesy of

                  (My hair gets real knotty (hehe) & I'm definetly going to try this!)


Whether you have dry, itchy winter skin or discomfort from summer mosquito bites, mixing cooking oats into your bath will provide instant relief. Photo: Courtesy of

                 (It would be weird to take a bath in oatmeal, but if it's worth it... maybe) 

                             Anyways, what do you think of these tips!? Will you try any?


Pia said...

I love the tips! I never woud have thought to use buttons to keep my earrings together, but this is such a great idea!
And I want to do the egg-olive oil hair mask. Although it scares me a little to put that stuff in my hair...but if it helps, why not?!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I love all of these tips!
The shrug idea is 'sheer' genius! (pardon the pun)!!

And as far as bruising goes...I swear by my mother's trick. When you bump into something hard enough that you just know it will bruise, run to the fridge and smear some butter on it right away. You will never turn colour!

Oh, the button eating trick is a good one too, and I'll be sure to try it,


Ciao Bella!

Creative Carmelina

Anonymous said...

I just reread my comment...and my iPad has made a fool of me, with it's automatic spell correction feature!

Rest assured, I do not, have not, nor do I intend to 'EAT' any buttons! lol

I meant 'earing' trick!


mrsandrealorenz said...

I love the nylons idea- who knew??? And does that dryer sheet thing really work?