Monday, November 1, 2010

I Think This Calls for a Photoshoot...

I woke up saturday morning to find the delightful sun shining outside. What a perfect time for a photoshoot!

This was my photographer, amazing hair stylist, & gorgeous friend:

Love you Vicky! Can't wait for our next photoshoot. <3


Peter said...

OMG! i love it! we should totally get together again! :) You are a beautiful person! thank you for being there!
P.S.. im gonna make a blog! :) just wanted these pictures to start it :)
~umm so i used my dad's email cause it doesn't let my use mine :)

Pearl said...

Hi Sweets!
I'm so excited you've got a new blog!
I'll be your #1 follower! View your gorgeous new outfits! You're growin up fast. But I love how your not afraid to try new things and be yourself. Thats what makes a Beautiful,You.

Love ya!

I'll be beack.


Pearl said...

Oh and Viki looks GORGEOUS!

StylePicks said...

Nice outfit


Anya Rudn said...

Great pictures, you are a great model..
Love your outfits you are just to cute!
Also love the hair.. Natural curls?

Glory said...

thanks everyone. & anya, yeah right!? i WISH my hair was naturally like that.